Maverickdronz is one of the top firm which is known for specially drone service and Bathymetric Survey providers in India. offering cutting-edge solutions for aerial survey, drone-based infrastructure inspection, drone data processing and analysis, etc.

Drone Survey, Bathymetric Survey & Web Development

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Drone Survey & Tradition Land Survey

When your company required Survey.

Every site need a survey report before starting the site So we arise.

Web Development

When your business need online market, so we come out with business website.

Data Analyst with R&D

When your company needs to tempor.
Why Us

Strategic Plan

Drone Survey - Land Survey

Innovative strategies
Data Collection + Data Processing = Solutions

Site survey required lots of experience on field if we go with tradition technique, we used tradition as well as latest technology, such as Drone, Lidar & Dgps system etc.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic insights

Web Development

Client Requirement & our Suggestion

Call for Work

Detailed Project Report
Topography Survey
Oil and Gas
Mining, Volumetric
Pipeline Monitoring
Powerline Monitoring
Development Plan | DP (City Planning, Surveys)
Real Estate
Disaster Response (Oil Spills, Flood Mapping, Fire Mapping)
Insurance (Damage Assessement, Crop insurance)
Construction ( Planning & Engineering )
Environment Studies
Temporal / Change Detection
Invasive Vegetation
Wildlife Management
UAS/UAV/Drone Mission Planning and Operations
Photogrammetry Consulting and Software Development
Flood Management (Threat Assessment, Damage Assessment)
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