What we do

Flight Plan-->>Data Collection-->Process-->Analyse-->Deliverable
Client Requirement-->>Dummy Web-->Final Web
Done Survey

Drone Survey, Land Survey & Bathymetric Survey

Drone Survey Steps:

Drone Survey Major Ouput File :

Web Development

Website Development

laptop, wordpress, wordpress design

it’s the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience.

artificial intelligence, brain, think

A front-end dev takes care of layout, design and interactivity using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They take an idea from the drawing board and turn it into reality.The backend developer engineers what is going on behind the scenes. This is where the data is stored, and without this data, there would be no frontend. The backend of the web consists of the server that hosts the website, an application for running it and a database to contain the data.

Data Analytics, Research & Development

Data Analytics, R & D

Computer Vision

DOTA is a large-scale dataset for object detection in aerial images. It can be used to develop and evaluate object detectors in aerial images. The images are collected from different sensors and platforms.

Currently we are working on DOTA and our aerial data.